Tuesday, October 10, 2006

my music for an ad-Flim

singer - shaan & prameela
client - Arabian jewellery Trivandrum
video created by NTV
The director of this advertisement Mr.Leen gave me the final edited video. So here is what I had to come up with to make the music fit according to the frames of the video......


Ganesh said...


Neatly done,
What seq. did you use ? Sonar producer or something like that ?

Srividya said...

wow Anil. I really love the way the tune goes... with the little pieces for the transformations. Very apt for the video!

Anonymous said...

Very well done Anil ji, the tune sounds so nice to the ears.

Srividya Kasturi said...

Very nicely done, Anil ji..The tune was very good:)

Vidyu said...

Anil, that was beautiful!!! Loved it! :) Perfect for the change of images..

Deblina M. said...

Hi Anil,

Very nice piece of music ... enjoyed it a lot !


anil bs said...

hai Ganesh

thanks to visit and put comments.come again.


thanks to

srividya, srividyakasturi, vidyu, leena and deblina....

I always love to create this kind of music .I did so many ads like this......recently i work for Nerolac paints ad.

I am so happy to hear you like this......


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Fantastic Anil, Loved it ! Who wrote the song? Did you?

Anonymous said...

A small note of appreciation on your song from BLS-2, on my blog:
Congratulations on a job ingeniously done!

Ganesh said...


Great job on BLS-2, the orchestration was fantastic.

Anonymous said...


I am a music enthusiast who just now started an audio blog and also have posted one of my first compositions. It would be of great help if you can listen to the track and let me know your opinion. Thanks in advance.

http://ursmusically.wordpress.com is my blog


Mux said...

Hi Anil,
Nice work!
It's not easy to match the tempo of the frames and the activities on screen to musical events. You have done a very nice job there.

sreeja said...

anil, valare nannayittundu.

Sriram V Iyer said...

Hi Anil,

Really awesome work, waiting to see more!


Awatts said...

Nice tune, singers have done a good job of matching the music well. Overall ace work.

unni said...

Dear Anil Chettan,

Nice one

Hope u recognised me......

mousumi said...

good tune.

kindoooos said...

hai realy kool music drectorjeeeee....by ur own singer shaan